6 Tips to Treat Low Back Pain

First-line treatment of most low back pain includes non-prescription home strategies. Dr. Majd will review 6 tips to treat it at home, along with 3 vital tips doctors want their patients to know about low back pain. You’ll also learn the more worrisome signs and symptoms of low back pain that may indicate something more serious.

10 Dorm Room Medical Kit Essentials

If you’re college-bound or leaving home for the first time, make sure you’re prepared for common medical emergencies and illnesses. Dr. Majd reviews 10 necessary college supplies for your first aid kit — essential items you do not want to leave home without.

How to Correctly Use Your Prescription Nasal Spray

Do you suffer from post nasal drip, a chronic cough, or chronic sore throat? A nasal steroid spray, such as fluticasone (Flonase), can help get rid of your symptoms. But most people don’t use it correctly and it’s ineffective without the proper technique. Dr. Majd shows you exactly how to administer these nasal sprays. Although it can still be prescribed, it’s now available over-the-counter.

Top 5 Treatment of Seasonal Allergies

Learn 5 tips to treat seasonal allergies. The top first line treatments that doctors use to treat hay fever are all over-the-counter (OTC) — so why waste time at the doctor’s office if you really don’t need to? Dr. Majd shares what most doctors want their patients to know about treating seasonal allergies.