Should I Take Melatonin For Sleep

Are you considering Melatonin to treat your insomnia? Is it safe and effective? What do you need to know about it before taking it? Dr. Majd reviews 6 things you need to know about Melatonin.

How to Get Rid of Heel Pain | Plantar Fasciitis Treatment at Home

Do you suffer from excruciating heel pain with your first few steps in the mornings or after a period of rest? If so, you’re amongst the 1 million people with plantar fasciitis limping to the doctor’s office. By the end of this video you’ll learn 10 tips to treat plantar fasciitis, a medical condition that can be primarily treated at home without any prescriptions.

3 Most Common Causes of Itchy Skin

Chronic itching can be so frustrating, especially if you don’t know what may be causing it. Aside from dry skin, Dr. Majd reviews the top 3 causes of itching and the treatment of each in this week’s video: 1. Contact Dermatitis (think poison Ivy, along with other much more common culprits) 2. Allergic Reactions: think hives 3. Fungal Skin Conditions: Athlete’s foot, ringworm, and rashes between the folds of the skin