What to Expect For Your First Pap Smear

Whether you’re anticipating your very first pap smear (a screen for cervical cancer) or anticipating your next one, it’s important to understand how the procedure is actually performed and what you can expect. Dr. Majd reviews the pap smear procedure step-by-step by while showing the actual tools doctors use to perform this test.

Is This a Cold? – When to Stay Home and When to See the Doctor

How can you tell if you have a cold virus or something more? Dr. Majd reviews the typical course of the common cold virus, and explains how the symptoms begin and play out through time. If you understand the typical viral course, you will know when you should see the doctor and when you should stay home. There’s no cure for the common cold virus, it is self-resolving; and prescription antibiotics work only on bacteria (not viruses). So why waste time at the doctor’s office when it’s not necessary? Check out my link below on how to best treat the symptoms of a common cold until it plays itself out.


Top 3 Flu Shot Myths Debunked

Dr. Majd debunks the most common flu shot myths. Does it really cause you to get the flu? What if you never get sick anyway? And why doesn’t the flu shot seem to be effective?