6 Home Hemorrhoid Treatment Tips

Dr. Majd reviews 6 tips that doctors recommend to treat your hemorrhoids at home. This is one of a series in a playlist with more upcoming videos on potentially embarrassing medical conditions.

5 Tips to Reverse Prediabetes and Prevent Diabetes

Prediabetes is reversible – a diagnosis of diabetes is not. Dr. Majd reviews 5 tips that doctors recommend to treat and reverse prediabetes. If you have been diagnosed with prediabetes and/or have family history of type II diabetes, it’s vital to learn how to prevent it.

How to Treat Constipation in Kids

Frustrated with dealing with your child’s constipation? Dr. Majd reviews 10 signs that indicate your child may be constipated and gives 3 solid tips to help treat constipation in children. Most constipation in kids is diet and/or behavior-related – but we will also review a list of the less common causes of constipation in kids.