What You Need to Know About Calcium Supplements

Dr. Majd answers all the top questions she receives about calcium supplements, including: “how much calcium do i need? “Is it okay to get it all from a supplement?” “Which type of calcium supplement is best?” “I’m prone to kidney stones. Should i avoid calcium?” “What about the risk of cardiovascular disease?” “Should i take calcium with vitamin D?” “Is there lead in certain calcium supplements?”

COVID-19 Top Questions (A Doctor & Dietician Q&A)

Family physician Dr. Majd and dietician Monica Reinagel answer some of your most frequently asked questions regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, including: Is there a link between ibuprofen and some antihypertensive drugs and COVID-19? Does drinking more water decrease the risk of infection with COVID-19? Should i wear gloves when out shopping? How can i best meal plan and shop during this time? And much more…